Global Blackness and Latinx Identity

Choose 3 courses from the following list. Each course must come from a different department, center, or program. Courses may be added over time, keep checking back for any additions.

To verify whether a cross-listed section of a course below can count from a different department, please contact an Intersections Adviser at

African American Studies

  • AFA3240; African Diaspora (Fall 2020) (WR)
  • AFA3332; Black Feminist and Womanist Theory (WR)
  • AFA3930/AMH3931; Blackness in the Post-Civil Rights Era
  • AFA 4931/AMH3931; Black Lives Matter
  • AFA4931; A Black and Latinx History of the Gator Nation


  • AML3607; African-American Literature 2 (Fall 2020)
  • AML4242; Novels of the Harlem Renaissance
  • AML4685; Race and Ethnicity (all sections)
  • LIT4194; African Literature in English (Fall 2020) (GenEd-H and GenEd-N)

Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research

  • WST2322; Introduction to Health Disparities (Summer A and Fall 2020) (GenEd-S and GenEd-D)
  • WST3930; Gender, Race, Sexualities, and Media
  • WST3930; African American Women and the Culture Critique
  • WST3930; Latinx Sexualities
  • WST4930; Toni Morrison
  • WST4930; Latina Narratives – Elizabeth Garcia
  • WST6935; Fem/Queer of Color


  • LIT3400 (Cross-listed with EUS3930); Postcolonialism and New Narratives of Europe

European Studies

  • EUS3930 (Cross-listed with LIT3400); Postcolonialism and New Narratives of Europe


  • AMH3931; African Diaspora in the Americas
  • AMH3931; Latina/o History
  • AMH3931/AFA 4931; Black Lives Matter
  • AMH4930; African American and Latina/o Histories (WR)
  • AMH5930; Race and Ethnicity
  • HIS3942; Black/Hispanic History
  • LAH3931; The History of Cuba and Puerto Rico
  • LAH3931; Gender & Sexuality in Latin America

Honors Uncommon Reads

  • IDH2930; How to Be An Antiracist (Fall 2020)
  • IDH2930; African-American Food Culture: Zora Neal Hurston, Florida Foodways and Beyond
  • IDH2930; Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

  • FRW4770; African and Caribbean Literatures
  • HAT3503; Haitian Culture and Literature
  • HAT3564; Haitian Culture and Society
  • HUM2420; African Humanities (Fall 2020) (GenEd-H and GenEd-N)
  • HUM2424; African Cultures and Literatures (Fall 2020) (GenEd-H and GenEd-N)
  • JMT3500; Jamaican Creole, Reggae and Rastafari (Fall 2020) (WR) (GenEd-H and GenEd-N)
  • SSA4930; African Film & Media (Fall 2020)
  • SST2501; African Elements in the Americas
  • SSW4713; African Women Writers (GenEd-H and GenEd-D)

Latin American Studies

  • LAS3930; Introduction to Latinx Studies
  • LAS4935; Latina/o Culture
  • LAS4935; Latin American Thinkers
  • LAS4935; Race and Nation in Latin America
  • LAS4935, Class Number: 21184; Cuba: Race, Revolution and Culture (Fall 2020)
  • LAS4935, Class Number: 21160; BLACK in the Americas (Fall 2020)


  • PHI4930; African Philosophy


  • REL3381; Religion in Latin America