Intersections Scholars FAQ

Can students graduating in August 2019 or December 2019 become Intersections Scholars?

Unfortunately not. The Intersections Scholars program begins for students who graduate in May 2020, so that students can participate in the first Intersections Symposium held in April 2020, as well as Intersections courses and extracurricular activities held during the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.


If I have already taken courses from my Intersections Course Cluster, can I count those past courses towards the three courses I need to take to become an Intersections Scholar?

The Intersections Scholars program officially began in Summer A 2019. It is permitted for a student to count one course taken prior to Summer A 2019 towards the Intersections Scholar designation if this previously taken course is currently part of the student’s chosen Intersections Course Cluster. The student must still complete a reflection assignment on their previously taken course through the Intersections Canvas site. The other two required courses from the student’s chosen Intersections Course Cluster must be completed Summer A 2019 or later.


Can I count courses taken at other institutions (not UF) towards my Intersections Scholar designation?

Unfortunately not. All three courses in an Intersections Course Cluster must be taken at UF or through UF-led study abroad programs. No transfer or AP/IB/AICE credits can be applied.


Can students request courses that are not part of an Intersections Course Cluster to count towards the course cluster?

Only the courses listed in an Intersections Course Cluster can count towards the Intersections Scholars designation. If you have any questions about whether another course can count, please email the Intersections Advising Team:


How long will the Intersections Scholars program exist?

The Intersections Scholars program will run until Spring 2023. It may be extended beyond this point.


Will the Intersections Scholar Certificate appear on my UF transcript?

Intersections Scholars is not a UF Certificate Program, so it will not appear on your UF transcript. You will, however, receive a personal certificate of completion from the Center of the Humanities and the Public Sphere once you meet all the Intersections Scholars program requirements.


Can I work with a friend on my video?

Yes, you can collaborate with one friend on making your video together. In this case, the video should be XX minutes (twice as long as an individual video).


Do I have to be graduating to attend the Intersections Symposium? 

No, you may attend the symposium once you have your last required Intersections course completed or in-progress.